Xbox Game Pass Offering Great Deal For Limited Time Only

Xbox Game Pass Offering Great Deal For Limited Time Only

Right now Microsoft is offering a pretty great deal for Xbox Game Pass. More specifically, over on the Microsoft Store, the Xbox makers are currently offering Xbox Game Pass on PC (beta) for $1 a month, which is an 80 percent discount from the usual $5 price point. Meanwhile, you can also pick up three months of the service for $5, which is a 67 percent discount from the usual asking price of $15. That’s unlimited access to over 100 PC games for 30 days for just $1. That’s like the price of a single Rice Krispie Treat. Unfortunately, the offering appears to be an introduction price. In other words, if you’re already a Xbox Game Pass PC subscriber, then this deal doesn’t apply to you.


At the moment of publishing, it’s unclear how long the prices will be slashed, so if you’re looking to cop, you’re going to want to do it quick. These type of deals tend to be limited time, and last a couple days at best. So, if you’re interested in getting in with this introduction price, then here’s the LINK.

For those that don’t know: Xbox Game Pass is a Netflix-style subscription service that offers hundreds of games for a monthly price. Each month new games are added, while old ones are cycled out. And unlike Netflix, you don’t have to stream the games. They can be downloaded. You can find all the games available with Xbox Game Pass on PC right here. Meanwhile, below, you can read more about the service via an official rundown of its key features:

  • A library of high-quality PC games – Play a huge variety of games from every genre – there’s something for everyone.
  • New games added all the time – With games added all the time, you’ll always have something new to play.
  • Exclusive discounts on games and add-ons – Love a game currently in the library and want to own it? You can buy it and save up to 20% off, plus get up to 10% off related game add-ons and consumables.

Xbox Game Pass is available on PC and Xbox One. In recent and related news, yesterday the subscription service added two new games.


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