Save money on Amazon Video and iTunes movies

Save money on Amazon Video and iTunes movies

You probably think that when you’re buying movies from Amazon or iTunes, the price is what the price is. It’s not like there’s some magical way to score a better deal.


Actually, there is: Movies occasionally go on sale. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know when that’s happening for something you want to buy. Your only option? Check Amazon and iTunes regularly and hope you don’t miss a time-limited offer.

Thankfully, there’s another solution: TunesGenie is a free iOS app that lets you build a wish list of not just movies, but also albums, audiobooks, e-books and TV shows you want to buy. Whenever an item goes on sale, it notifies you. It also catalogs everything that’s currently on sale, a great option for folks who like to browse deals.

Until recently, the app was limited to iTunes media, but a recent update has added Amazon Video movies to the Deals tab, so you can now browse price drops there as well.

I dream of deal-genies
In case you’re wondering about the name, TunesGenie started out as an album tracker. But then the developer expanded the scope to include books, movies and TV. (Alas, it no longer tracks apps. If you want that capability, there’s another way to get notified when app prices drop.)

Once you start the app, tap Search and enter the name of an item you want to track, followed by the appropriate category: Movies, TV Shows, Music, Books or Audiobooks. When it appears in the search results, tap the plus sign to add it to your Wish List. Repeat as needed for additional items. Then tap Wish List to see everything you’re tracking.

While in Wish List view, you can tap the gear icon if you want to toggle between HD and SD versions of movies and TV shows, as they’re sometimes priced differently…..Read More>>

Source: cnet