iOS 13 beta 3 suggests new wired method for transferring data between devices

3rd July 2019

Earlier today, Apple released the third developer betas of iOS 13, iPadOS 13, tvOS 13, watchOS 6 and macOS Catalina. While new betas are usually focused mostly on performance improvements and bug fixes, it’s not uncommon for new features to be discovered. While looking into the code changes between iOS 13 beta 2 and iOS 13 beta 3, we noticed some new assets in the Setup app – which runs…


Microsoft Excel Vulnerability Could Put 120 Million Users At Risk

28th June 2019

Researchers have discovered a vulnerability in Microsoft Excel, one of the most widely used productivity programs in the corporate world, that could let attackers take over a user’s system and remotely launch malware. The flaw, found by the team at Mimecast, lies in the Power Query tool, which lets users integrate spreadsheets with external databases, text documents and Web pages. If exploited by attackers, it can also launch sophisticated, hard-to-detect…


This Is How to Sync Your iPhone to Your Computer When iTunes Shuts Down

26th June 2019

By now, there’s a good chance you’ve already heard the news that Apple is getting rid of iTunes and replacing it with a new app named Music. More specifically, iTunes will be replaced with three individual apps: Music, Podcasts, and Apple TV. As we know it, the do-it-all platform is packed with all of these forms of media, but dividing them into three separate apps will streamline the process and,…


Google Duo now lets you message photos directly to contacts

24th June 2019

For the past several releases, we’ve been tracking an expansion of Duo’s video/voice messaging capability to include images. With Google Duo 56, it is now partially live and allows you to send Snapchat-like single photos to your contacts. Released on Thursday, version 56 of Google Duo adds the application to Android’s system share sheet, including in Google Photos and Files. This allows users to message any saved photo on their…


Sony discounts tons of PlayStation games in its latest flash sale

22nd June 2019

Hot on the heels of its major Days of Play E3 sale and adding a bunch of games to its PlayStation Hits lineup, Sony is back at it with a Flash Sale on a wealth of PS4, PS3 and Vita games. As you’d expect, PS4 gets the lion’s share. Among the more notable deals are Dark Souls II ($10), Just Cause 3 ($6), the full season of Life is Strange…


Use your Amazon Echo to crank the AC before you get home

10th June 2019

Smart thermostats like Nest and Ecobee were made for remote control so you can set the temperature of your home from afar. Amazon Echo ($65 at Amazon) voice control with Alexa takes these devices a step further by letting you control your thermostat remotely with just your voice. For example, if you have a lake house that’s two hours away (because, who doesn’t?), or you’re feeling comfy on the couch…


HBO Go vs. HBO Now: Which streaming service is right for you?

8th June 2019

HBO fans have it great these days. Subscribers can watch their favorite shows and movies whether seated in front of their TV or on a device while riding the bus to work. This freedom comes from the company’s twin streaming services, HBO Go and HBO Now, which allow subscribers to experience the wonders of Westworld and Westeros using their PlayStation 4, iPhone, or other HBO-compatible device. With two different ways…


Verizon lab’s 5G robots, medical tools show speed is just the start

3rd June 2019

When 5G arrives in force, it won’t just be for you. It’ll be for the robots, too. Or maybe more precisely, for you and the robots working together. That was the point of one of the demonstrations Thursday at Verizon’s 5G lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts, as a knee-high humanoid robot trundled up and down several steps and along the length of a wooden platform. It’s a scale model of a…


US now requires social media info for visa applications

3rd June 2019

If you want to stay in the US, you’ll likely have to share your internet presence. As proposed in March 2018 (and to some extent in 2015), the country now requires virtually all visa applicants to provide their social media account names for the past five years. The mandate only covers a list of selected services, although potential visitors and residents can volunteer info if they belong to social sites…


42 Million Dating App Records Exposed Online, Leaking User IP Addresses and Location Data

30th May 2019

A database containing records of tens of millions of users of various dating apps has been found publicly accessible, according to a researcher who says it remains unclear who amassed the data. In a blog Wednesday, security researcher Jeremiah Fowler said he discovered the database and that it was not protected by so much as a password. The 42.5 million records, which appeared to belong to multiple apps, were stored…


Amazon brings voice announcements to all Alexa devices

25th May 2019

Amazon today said voice announcements that turn smart speakers into something like a home intercom system can now be made with third-party devices that use Alexa Voice Service. The move makes announcements available for a number of devices like Facebook’s Portal and smart speakers and soundbars from companies like Bose and Sonos. Announcements are one-way voice messages that can be sent to Echo speakers so you can say things like…