AT&T is giving some users 15GB of ‘bonus’ data, but it comes with a mandatory price hike

7th November 2019

If you’re on one of AT&T’s older Mobile Share Value data plans, a price hike is on the way. The Verge reports today that AT&T is emailing customers to inform them that prices are increasing by $10 – but that the plans are also adding 15GB of “bonus data.” The email from AT&T simply says: “We’ve added 15GB of data to your plan and increased your monthly rate by $10.”…


Instagram now forces people to sign in to view public profiles

29th October 2019

Are you used to browsing Instagram without signing in to check out what your favorite brands are sharing? If so, here’s a change you won’t like one bit. The photo-sharing social network is now locking down its platform by preventing signed-out users from having unlimited access to public profiles. As a result, you’ll now be prompted to either sign up or login after viewing a handful of photos and posts…


Warning To iOS/iPhone Users: Please Do Not Fall Prey To This Latest Scam

18th October 2019

Older iPhone users are warned not to jailbreak their devices. Security researchers at Cisco Talos recently discovered the latest targeted click fraud campaign of a fake website (checkrain[.]com), promising to help iPhone users to jailbreak their phones. In truth, the site uses this as a front to let iPhone users download malicious profile and fall prey to click fraud. How To Avoid Scam Sites iPhone users must always make sure…


Fortnite’s latest season ends and now the game is gone

14th October 2019

Fortnite’s season 10 ended Sunday with a bang, as expected with an end event that would have introduced season 11. The current season of Epic’s popular battle royale shooter was scheduled to end on October 13, after the developer extended it by an extra week. The biggest surprise for players was that the game was no longer playable after the end event started, according to CNET. An explosive in-game, season-ending…


Spotify rolls out Siri support and new Apple TV app

8th October 2019

Spotify has launched the ability to play music with Apple’s Siri voice assistant on the iPhone and iPad. The new feature, only recently made possible in iOS 13, puts Spotify on more equal footing with Apple Music. It showed up in the company’s beta app in late September, but it has now rolled out to all users. Another new addition will automatically put Spotify into Data Saver mode when you…


What Actually Happens When You Block Someone on Your iPhone

30th September 2019

The iPhone has a built-in blocking feature, but have you ever wondered what exactly happens when you block someone? The short answer: you get fewer unwanted texts and calls, and the people you block are none the wiser. You can block contacts through any of the iPhone’s communication apps (Messages, FaceTime, and Phone). Blocking a contact in one app will block them across the board. Of course, blocked callers can…


How to Sell Your iPhone Safely

23rd September 2019

And for the most cash. Before you trade your current iPhone for whatever Apple reveals this month, here’s how to get your old smartphone ready to sell. By Chandra Steele September guarantees three things: the start of the school year, pumpkin spice lattes, and a new lineup of iPhones. On Sept. 10, Tim Cook and friends will file into the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino and introduce the next iPhone…


You Can Now Tell Facebook to Delete Its Internal Record of Your Face

6th September 2019

Facebook users can now tell the company not to run facial recognition on their pictures. The company announced Tuesday that it has added a setting for opting out of certain face recognition features that have raised privacy concerns. If you disable face recognition, Facebook won’t automatically tag you in images, nor will it automatically suggest tags of your friends. Opting out will also stop Facebook from searching for you in…


5 clever Gmail tricks to minimize regret, frustration and spam

6th September 2019

Most people treat Gmail like a reliable old clunker that needs little if any regular maintenance. But what if you could tweak a few settings to supercharge your Gmail experience and turn your daily driver into the roadster of your dreams? In the early days of email, users were limited to four basic gears: Check Mail, Compose, Save as Draft and Send. All that changed with the advent of browser-based…


Amazon’s Ring to partner with 400 police agencies nationwide

29th August 2019

Doorbell-camera producer Ring will partner with more than 400 police agencies nationwide through its app in a bid to become the country’s “new neighborhood watch,” according to a report. The Amazon-owned company’s app, Neighborhood, will allow police to request homeowners’ camera footage for a certain time frame, but will also give the owners the opportunity to deny law enforcement access, according to The Washington Post, which is also owned by…


Apple is now selling camera lens attachments for your iPhone

15th August 2019

Apple has started selling lenses that you can attach to an iPhone to make your photography look even more professional. Apple is selling three new camera lens attachments from its US website so you can make your photos look more attractive than ever. The lenses have been manufactured by the Moment brand, a leader in these phone add-ons. Three lenses are currently available, and are compatible with all Apple smartphones…


Top 15 Best iOS Call Blocker Apps To Block Annoying Calls On iPhone

29th July 2019

The default call blocker app for iOS doesn’t provide us the features that we find in third-party call blocker app. Therefore, we have decided to list down a few of the best call blocker apps for iPhone that you can use to block spam calls. The great thing about iPhone is that it comes with a built-in call blocker. The default call blocker of iPhone is capable enough to block…