13 Brutal Punishments From History That Will Give You The Chills

It’s a very common knowledge that people in middle ages had a knack for cruelty. And that insane cruelty (with which you’re probably acquainted by now, thanks to GoT) generally came out in its full glory while punishing people for the crimes they have committed and even for the ones they were just accused of ! Only last night I was watching the Outlander series, and in one particular episode,…

7th August 2015

5 Strongest Signs Of Aliens & Alien Life

6th August 2015

From CCTV footage of two believed men in black looking for UFO witnessers to the believed sighting of extraterrestrials on the moon and orbiting our planet. Here are 5 strongest signs of Alien existence that are sure to get you thinking…… Are Aliens among us?


Topless protest in Canada urges women to ‘bare with us’

3rd August 2015

WATERLOO, Ontario (AP) — Dozens of topless women — and men — attended a “Bare With Us” rally Saturday meant to educate the public about women’s right to go shirtless if they choose. The rally and march were organized by three sisters who were stopped by a police officer for biking topless a week ago. Local media reports said people were waving banners and wearing body paint with messages including…