MoviePass is dead: These are the best alternatives

19th September 2019

Well, it’s official: After years of more twists and flips than a Cirque-du-Soleil trampoline performer, the MoviePass discount-ticket service shut down for good on Sept. 14. What was once heralded as a potential savior of movie theaters is now the stuff of Silicon Valley legend. Meanwhile, competitor Sinemia abruptly shut its doors back in April. Now what? If you still crave the big-screen experience but don’t want to pay the…


Into The Spider-Verse creators are working on a ‘really special’ Spider-Man TV show

9th August 2019

Fans wanting to see more Spider-Man adventures on the small screen will get their wish with a new TV series from the duo behind Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. Directors/producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller are working on a series of live-action TV shows using Sony’s Marvel characters, which include Spider-Man. “We are developing a handful of live-action shows using Sony’s Marvel characters, of which there are like 900 characters,” Miller…


This Is Why ‘Love Island’ USA Is a Big Ol’ Flop

29th July 2019

I had very high expectations for the American version of Love Island. I was truly ready to blow off all of my weeknight responsibilities (e.g., washing my hair, shaving my legs) to watch it daily. Unfortch, I hardly lasted a week before I decided that it’s totally not worth the commitment, and that the show probably won’t become the cultural phenomenon that it is in the UK anytime soon. In…


Hollywood is quietly using AI to help decide which movies to make

29th May 2019

The film world is full of intriguing what-ifs. Will Smith famously turned down the role of Neo in The Matrix. Nicolas Cage was cast as the lead in Tim Burton’s Superman Lives, but he only had time to try on the costume before the film was canned. Actors and directors are forever glancing off projects that never get made or that get made by someone else, and fans are left…


DC Universe subscription service gets a surprise Xbox One launch

16th April 2019

That’s because the DC Universe subscription service is launching an Xbox One app, growing a platform lineup that already supports various iOS and Android devices as well as desktop and mobile web browsers. In addition to housing a collection of more than 20,000 comics available on demand, DC Universe also offers streaming video connected to a variety of DC properties. There are old TV shows like Batman: The Animated Series,…


Everything You Need to Know About ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8

16th April 2019

The seventh season of Game of Thrones feels like it wrapped up a lifetime ago. It did. It’s unclear how we all made through more than one year without GoT, but it’s almost time for the eighth and final season. In March 2019, with just weeks to go before the premiere, HBO blessed fans with the first full trailer for season eight, complete with dragon moments, the Golden Company, Gendry…


OMG The First Full ‘Game of Thrones’ Trailer Just Dropped and the Ice Dragon Appears to Be Dead

6th March 2019

Wow. The Game of Thrones trailer just dropped, and unlike the Sand Snakes, I am totally broken and unwell right now! If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it right now and meet me back here: Okay, so if you watched the trailer, you know Jamie Lannister is about to fight for the living, Tormund is still alive (!!!), Cersei Lannister is still plotting, Arya Stark is hella stressed and…


Everything new coming to Netflix this week, and everything leaving (week of Feb. 17)

18th February 2019

Following a busy week full of potential (and legitimate) blockbusters, Netflix has a selection full of question marks this week, along with a couple of familiar properties. Once again, everything coming to the streaming service this week is an original film or series, but the only one that I recognized was Chef’s Table, which returns for Volume 6. Of the five original films launching this week, Paddleton was the one…


The Economics Of Subscription Prices

14th February 2019

Jumping from the traditional $10 bucks a month, the regular Canadian consumer will have to pay $13 for the same service and an additional three if they want the upgraded version. The price hikes are still substantial to most people, but it’s still the cheapest on the market. The other competitor in Canada is Bell Aliant which charges $20 a month for their video streaming service. Other competitors are joining…


Every new show and movie on Hulu: February 2019

30th January 2019

February is nearly here and Hulu has got some fantastic shows and films coming. Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, I must recommend you watch one of the greatest rom-coms ever written, Four Weddings and a Funeral. Or you can check out one of my other favorite romances, the Cher and Nicolas Cage masterpiece that is Moonstruck. If you’re not feeling the romantic vibe, and you’d prefer a good heist film, you may…


Game of Thrones final season now has a premiere date, new teaser

14th January 2019

On Sunday, HBO finally announced the premiere date for the final season of Game of Thrones. The network also released a tantalizing teaser video called Crypts of Winterfell. In the video, Jon Snow, Sansa Stark and Arya Stark walk through the crypts under their family home and hear messages from dead family members Ned and Catelyn Stark as well as Lyanna Stark, who of course is Ned’s sister/the mother Jon…


The 9 best Netflix shows you’ve never heard of

9th January 2019

The sheer volume of new and original content that hits Netflix every month is absolutely staggering. To be quite honest, it’s practically impossible to keep up with all of the new content that arrives on Netflix every month unless you’re watching TV 24/7. As a prime example, this month alone will see Netflix debut 38 new original TV series and movies. With Netflix literally spending billions on developing new content…