US Army Using Chinese Made App TikTok For Recruiting

14th November 2019

Military recruiters are always looking to tap into new fads to recruit younger people into the military service and in our advanced technology age that includes social media and gaming. On the surface, this doesn’t seem like a bad idea they are tapping into everything that teenagers like and enjoy, and it’s a great opportunity to reach them one on one but what happens when some of the apps that…


Avast Hacked Again As Spies Steal Its Passwords

22nd October 2019

Avast has become the victim of a cyberespionage campaign that saw hackers gain deep access to its network. But the Czech company, which has more than 400 million customers for its various antivirus and cybersecurity products, claims the damage is limited. In an announcement Monday morning, Avast said its internal network had been breached using a username and password for a temporary VPN account. The account had mistakenly been kept…


Uber, Spin, and Lime scooters are now legal in San Francisco, but Skip is out

16th October 2019

San Francisco announced recently that it was expanding its permit program to include Uber’s Jump, Ford’s Spin, and Lime — companies that previously were barred from operating scooters in the city. But the expansion of the city’s scooter operators isn’t all good news: Skip, one of the companies that was part of San Francisco’s original pilot program, wasn’t granted a permit and just sent a message to customers saying that…


Stop What You’re Doing and Upgrade to iOS 13.1 Right Now

26th September 2019

Apple just dropped iOS 13.1, and while these iterative versions tend not to be as fun as the big numbered ones, you should update your phone right now. iOS 13, Apple said, would be a lot of fun. There’s dark mode, some map stuff, a few new privacy protections. But what Apple didn’t tell you was that iOS 13 shipped with a ton of terrible bugs. Apps would crash. Phones…


Google Fi gets an unlimited plan

18th September 2019

For the longest time, Google Fi didn’t play the unlimited calls, text and data game and instead focused on offering pretty affordable and flexible plans with a price cap of $80 (before taxes and government fees). Today, however, Google is introducing Fi Unlimited, which, as you’ve probably figured out from the name, is more akin to a traditional “unlimited” plan from other carriers. Fi Unlimited plans start at $70 for…


Florida Residents Can Get a Free Uber or Lyft Ride to a Dorian Shelter

3rd September 2019

If you’re located in an area of Florida that has been impacted by Hurricane Dorian, both Lyft and Uber are offering free rides both to and from local shelters. In both cases, that free ride comes with a tiny bit of a caveat: it has to be under a certain amount to be “free” which means you might still have to pay a bit depending on how far away you…


MoviePass founder wants to use facial recognition to score you free movies

22nd March 2019

Everything free comes with a price. But PreShow, a new company from a founder of MoviePass, wants advertising to be the only price of a movie ticket. Launching a campaign on Kickstarter Thursday, PreShow is developing an app to earn you free movie tickets — to any film in any theater — if you watch 15 to 20 minutes of high-end advertising. Like a sponsored session of ad-free Spotify that…


5 Tactics Every Guy Must Know To Kiss A Girl Passionately

10th October 2016

Kiss is the basic step of expressing love in relationship. Kissing, cuddling and pampering plays a great role in developing passionate relationship with your lover. There are some important things which you must keep in mind for kissing your partner. Let’s check out the 5 tactics every guy must know to share a sensual kiss with your lover. Choose right place for kissing your partner. Movie theaters or vacant gardens…


Samsung Galaxy S7 Spotted in New Leaked Live Images, Video

We have already seen the yet-to-be-announced Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone in several renders and other leaks. Now, the smartphone has surfaced on the Internet in a couple of new images and a short 14-second video. Out of two new leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy S7, one shows the front panel of the device alongside confirming the microSD card support. In the image, the Galaxy S7’s SIM slot is seen…

17th February 2016

Rumor claims iPhone 7 may add second speaker in place of the headphone jack

It seems like a done deal that Apple will be ditching the headphone jack in the iPhone 7 and there have been rumors that Apple had some sort of plan to improve the sound quality of the device itself. Now, there is a report that claims at least part of that plan might be to add a second speaker to the iPhone 7. According to a Barclays research memo written…

13th February 2016