Best Android apps for your new smartphone – WhatsApp, BBC iPlayer and more

Best Android apps for your new smartphone – WhatsApp, BBC iPlayer and more

GOT A NEW Android phone for Christmas? Here is’s guide to some of the most essential apps to get the most out of your new android apps install christmas

If you’ve unwrapped a brand new phone this Christmas, you’ll doubtless be keen to get it fired up and running.

Google’s mobile platform is the most widely-used across the world, with millions of apps available to download and enjoy now.


And with the power of the company’s latest Android Nougat version, there are a whole host of useful new services to you to experience – so here are some of the most essential apps on’s list.

whatsapp install android app smartphone


Put simply, WhatsApp is probably the must-have app for mobile users everywhere.

if you’re not already aware of it the messaging service lets you send texts, pictures and even video to contacts all over the world – for free.

You’ll need to be connected to the internet to send messages, but if you’re looking for the easiest and most effective way to stay in touch with friends and family, WhatsApp is the answer.

After all, over a billion users worldwide can’t be pay mobile payment smartphone app

Android Pay
Over the past few years, mobile phones have evolved from devices used solely for communication to super-smart products that are slowly cannibalising many aspects of daily life.

Many of us already don’t carry cash, preferring to use contactless cards,but did you know you can also use your smartphone to pay your way?

Android Pay lets you link your phone to your bank account, allowing you to quickly pay for goods and services at thousands of shops with just the tap of your device.

The app is completely free, and works with the majority of UK banks, with only Barclays customers lacking the service so far.

citymapper android smartphone app install


If you’ve ever accidentally missed the last tube or realised you’re on the wrong bus, you’ll be glad to know that your new Android smartphone is also able to guide you around with ease.

There are a variety of good mapping apps around today, but Citymapper is definitely up there.

The app is able to get you home or to whatever location you please quickly and easily, plotting the quickest route via a number of different public transport services, as well as the length of possible taxi or walking journeys.

bbc iplayer android app smartphone installBBC iPlayer

With super-detailed screens, powerful speakers and great battery life, today’s phones are also full-on media powerhouses, allowing you to keep up with all your favourite programs whether you’re at home or on the go.

The BBC iPlayer app is a veritable library of all the corporations television and radio programming, allowing you to catch up or rewatch anything from the past 30 days.

However, you will need a TV licence in order to watch using the app, and also set up a BBC ID account – but apart from that, it’s completely free..

just eat android app food takeaway

Just Eat

Your new Android device can do much more than act as an entertainment heavyweight, however – it can also summon food to your door.

The Just Eat app lets you choose from thousands of restaurants and takeaways to have food delivered to your home or office.

There’s no need to call, with all the ordering done via the app, which will also tell you about the nearest restaurants, as well as providing reviews of the best nearby locations.

Payment can be done via the app, if you sign up for an account, or via more traditional means – the choice is cardboard android virtual reality app

Google Cardboard

Virtual Reality enjoyed a stellar year in 2016, with many of the world’s leading technology companies releasing VR headsets or devices.

However you don’t need to splash out to enjoy VR, thanks to Google, which is looking to spur on widespread adoption with its low-cost Cardboard device, which costs just £12.

Just fold up the design, pop in your phone with the Android app installed, and you’re good to go.

Once you do, you’ll be able to enjoy a set of amazing and immersive VR demos, including interactive maps, games, and even museum exhibits, as well as downloading new apps as soon as they are released.tenorgif android apps best download

Tenor GIF

Sometimes, it’s just too difficult to articulate what you want to say in words alone, and only a picture will do.

Tenor GIF allows you to find that picture, or video, letting users search through a library of millions of gifs from TV shows, movies and more.

Gifs are listed by categories, and can be shared directly on to social media, including Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Users can even collect and build a library of their favourite gif or video, so there’s no need to go frantically hunting around when you’re put on the spot.

download duolingo android app


If your New Year’s resolution is to learn a new language, then Duolingo could be the ideal place to start.

This award-winning app have comprehensive language courses for learners of all levels, from basic to expert, using a mix of games, questions and speech exercises to help gradually improve grammar and vocabulary.

With millions of learners already signed up to its courses, which include French, Spanish, German, Italian and many many more, Duolingo is also completely free to use, making it an incredible resource for anyone looking to expand their horizons.

musically app download android

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a performer, could be the extra help you need.

The app looks to capitalise on the growing craze for lip-sync videos by allowing users to create and share clips of them ‘singing’ along to some of today’s top tracks.

With over a million songs included, plus the option to upload music from your own device, there’s no limit on how many videos to make.

Users can even glam up their videos with effects, filters and more, before sharing them across social media or the online community to make them a star.

photo editor pro android app download

Photo Editor Pro

If you’re looking for a way to give your photos a little extra life beyond the filters included on Instagram or Facebook, then this could be the app for you.

Photo Editor Pro is a free app that offers a huge range of effects and features for your photos, as well as being able to add text or even create your own memes.

That means frames, stickers, cropping, rotation, brightness, focus and much more are all at your fingertips – and all for free.

You can edit your photos directly from the gallery, with edited images saved directly to your phone, or share them directly to social media to show off.

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