36 things you didn’t know you needed on Amazon

36 things you didn’t know you needed on Amazon

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There are a lot of things in life I know that I need: a better vacuum (a.k.a one that doesn’t just shoot the dust right back out), adult-worthy pots and pans (so I can stop spending way too much money on takeout), and a boyfriend (self-explanatory).

But there are also a lot of things I don’t know that I need, according to Amazon. Like pizza scissors, sock clips, and even a no-buckle belt (yes, really). I rounded up all of the weird-but-brilliant products that you can find on Amazon below that will make your life way better.

1. A toilet accessory you’ll wonder how you ever lived without

Average rating: 4.5

Why it’s good: The worst part about getting up to go to the bathroom at 2 a.m. is getting blinded by the bathroom light. That’s why our audience manager, Rachel Moskowitz, loves her toilet light. Not only does it give off a soft glow unlike the jarring overhead light but it has a motion sensor so you don’t even have to turn on a switch.

2. Our favorite oil diffuser—but for your car


Reviews: 1.8k

Average rating: 4

Why it’s good: When our experts tested oil diffusers, InnoGear came out on top in terms of quality and price. So we’d expect the brand’s car essential oil diffuser—which fits in your cupholder and plugs into the USB port—to be equally as top-notch.

3. This gadget so you can chop onions without crying

Reviews: 4.3k

Average rating: 4

Why it’s good: There are tons of hacks for preventing watery eyes while you’re cutting onions, from chewing gum (v. skeptical that this actually works) to those incredibly geeky goggles. An easier—and inexpensive—option is the Chop Wizard, which people love because it dices and chops all types of fruits and veggies in just one motion.

4. This wine holder that will up your shower game

Reviews: 584

Average rating: 3.9

Why it’s good: Shower beers are cool but have you ever had shower wine? Now you can with this cupholder caddy, which suctions to the wall of your shower and can hold wineglasses, cans, and bottles. It’s the number one shower caddy on Amazon and is the first and only patented cupholder of its kind. Cheers!

5. The only towel you’ll ever want to use


Reviews: 1.6k

Average rating: 4.5

Why it’s good: Our social media manager, Kate McCarthy, swears that this bath towel is the greatest exfoliator she’s ever used. The long length makes it super easy to scrub harder to reach places, like the middle of your back, and the textured material will leave your skin feeling softer than ever.

6. This clever attachment that your laundry room needs


Reviews: 904

Average rating: 4.3

Why it’s good: Buying those massive jugs of laundry detergent that sit neatly on your shelf are convenient—but they can also be messy (hello, drips and spills!). If you’re tired of half the detergent ending up all over your washing machine, customers love using the Tidy-Cup around the bottles to catch any stray drops.

7. A divided bowl so you’ll never have to eat soggy cereal again

Reviews: 734

Average rating: 4.7

Why it’s good: Cereal should be crunchy, not mushy. That’s why I’m adding this bowl to my to-buy list ASAP. It has two separate sections (one for milk and one for cereal) that are connected by a slide for adding more Lucky Charms to the milk as you go. Reviewers say it changed the way they ate cereal forever……Read More>>

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